Protecting Your Home or Business With Our Monitoring Systems

U.L. Listed Monitoring

You're protected 24/7 365 days a year.

Alarm Monitoring

Enhance your level of security by having a digital monitoring system installed in your home or business. This system will instantly alert our Central Station in the event of an emergency or threatening situation, such as:


Carbon Monoxide


Medical Alert

Water Pressure Change

Gas leak

Sprinkler Alarm

Temperature Changes

Internet Monitoring

With high-speed internet connectivity becoming more and more common in homes and businesses, your alarm system has a new, secure way to communicate with the Central Station. By utilizing your existing high-speed internet connection, your alarm system will alert the Central Station instantaneously in the event of an emergency just as it would if it were dialing in over a phone line, but with the speed of the internet and the security of a supervised, secure connection.

5G Cellular Monitoring

It has become increasingly common for perpetrators to cut telephone lines before breaking and entering or your traditional phone line may have been replaced with a technology that is not compatible with your present alarm system. As a result, when an alarm is activated, the authorities won't be notified. To protect you against such an occurrence, K Security Monitoring has several wireless solutions available to you such as our AES two-way supervised radio network, Alarmnet 5G/LTE radios, and more. Any of these wireless solutions will provide you with an effective back-up to traditional telephone line communication which can be so vulnerable to burglars.

What Sets Us Apart

Dedicated to providing the best service and cutting‑edge technology.

Highly Trained Customer Service and Alarm Response Staff

We're a UL listed, TMA 5 Diamond Central Station. This means our facility has been constructed to and is operated in accordance with the strictest standards. Our highly trained customer service and alarm response staff are among the best in the industry.

We continue to seek new and improved industry standards to keep you on top of the latest security technology.

We're dedicated to bringing you a higher level of security and service whether you're at home or on the road—every minute of every day.

Our dispatch times are among the fastest and most accurate in the industry.